Each screenshot taken on your mac has a unique purpose. A specific reason for the capture.

DreamShot becomes the brains of your screenshot workflow, presenting the most relevant options for dealing with an image. You select a destination, DreamShot sends it, then gets out of the way, with nothing left on your desktop. Try it once, and you’ll never go back.

 DreamShot fixes all of the madness” – David Sparks of Mac Power Users

The Main Screenshot Brain

⌘ DreamShot lets you use the same shortcut to take a screenshot, no matter what the reason. You won’t be left with tons of image files on your desktop to deal with later, your mind is not cluttered with dozens of shortcuts, and DreamShot conforms to the way you want to work with screenshots.

 How It Works

⌘ When you capture an image with DreamShot, you are instantly presented with a large preview, and a list of options that is generated from the apps and services you use on your Mac. Send the capture anywhere with only one click. You can even print, copy to clipboard, send to Dropbox, custom folders, social networks, or any place that supports image import on your Mac.

 The Features

⌘ Capture with Shift+CMD+D or any custom shortcut you choose.
⌘ The menubar panel holds your previous screenshots for easy reuse.
⌘ Drag a screenshot from the preview window to anywhere on your Mac.
⌘ Hide unwanted destinations from view.
⌘ Set a ‘Favorites’ destination to any place on your Mac.
⌘ Instantly see a large preview of your screen capture and retake if needed.
⌘ Instantly print, save, copy to clipboard, or open and edit preview.
⌘ Responsive developers that love to hear from you!

 Supported Apps And Services

⌘ Evernote
⌘ Outlook
⌘ Facebook
⌘ Mail
⌘ Droplr
⌘ Twitter
⌘ Flickr
⌘ Cloud
⌘ Pixelmator
⌘ Photoshop
⌘ Illustrator
⌘ DayOne
⌘ Print
⌘ Save
⌘ Preview
⌘ Sketchbook Pro
⌘ Sketchbook Express
⌘ Sparrow
⌘ Postbox
⌘ Airdrop
⌘ Airmail
⌘ iPhoto
⌘ Aperture
⌘ Voila
⌘ Clarify
⌘ Skitch


⌘ Our goal is for DreamShot to become even more useful and powerful to your screenshot workflow. We can’t wait to hear about how you use DreamShot.